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One-stop Processing Serives

TGQ materials processing services revolve around the technology of control arm manufacturing, which is widely utilized across various industries. We provide comprehensive services that can accomplish vertical integration in your needs. 

In TGQ, you can get a one-stop service experience. We can fulfill your needs, whether it’s CNC machining, complicated curve stamping, surface finishing, or branding services (such as branded packaging and laser engraving).

Manufacturing control arms requires multiple processing stages, giving us plenty of experience in processing. Additionally, control arms are considered safety components in automotive parts, demanding no tolerance for quality failure. This strict requirement has honed our meticulous standards for quality.

Accumulating experience in control arm production and stringent quality control has earned us recognition from domestic and international customers. We provide processing services with the same professionalism and enthusiasm.


TGQ specializes in various parts manufacturing processes, including CNC machining, shearing, forging, stamping, electric welding, rubber injection, assembly packaging, etc. We can assist customers in balancing quality, time, and cost – according to their specific requirements.

Upon receiving initial drawings, ideas, or samples, we hold development meetings with customers to visualize the product. We design dies and fixtures and establish specifications while discussing relevant data and adjusting the product as needed. All processes adhere to the project workflow based on our company. Our primary focus is vertical supply chain integration and a wide variety of processing services. This eliminates the need for customers to engage multiple vendors, reduces the risk of errors, and minimizes associated costs.

Since our R&D department is located at the factory, we can effectively identify and resolve issues during the project. We use control points to reduce manufacturing instability. We strive to preserve our customers’ design to the fullest extent while leveraging our team’s years of experience to enhance product performance. In case of any product-related issues, we prioritize two-way communication to create a reliable customer experience.


Our services can be applied to various industries depending on the equipment used, including:

Medical, Mechanical Components, Hardware Products, Home Decor Accessories, Electronic ComponentsFigures & Models, Electric Scooters, Bathrooms, Cosmetics, Gardening supplies, Aircraft, Outdoor Equipment, Hand Tools, Rubber Applications, Bicycles, Handcarts, Railways, Utensils, Household Appliances.




Metal stamping, precision mold, Inspection tools, fixtures, sheet metal forming.

EquipmentSpecifications (tons)Quantity
Hydraulic Forming Machine2503
Punch Press2001
Punch Press1101
Punch Press455
Punch Press1510


Creating Impeccable Craftsmanship with Smooth Welds and Fine Surfaces.




Japan OTC

Full- automatic CO2 Welding Robotic Arm



CNC Machining

Challenging the Limits: Beyond 6 Sigma, 0 PPM Zero Defect Rate.




Small CNC Lathe

Radius of gyration of 400mm

18 sets

Large CNC Lathe

Radius of gyration of 600mm

6 sets

Automatic Lathe

Robot Arm production line

4 lines

MC Milling – Vertical Machining Centers

1200mm Platform

8 sets

Ball Joint Polishing Machining

sphere diameterΦ20~40mm

4 sets



Exceeding OE Specifications, Setting Industry benchmarks.




Rubber Injection Molding Machine

200 tons

6 sets

Vacuum Injection Molding Machine for Rubber

250 tons

2 sets



2 sets

Anti-corrosion Coating 

Production line

3 lines


Aluminum Forging Process

JIS No. Chemical Composition Hardness (HB) tensile strength (N/mm2) yield strength (N/mm2) Elongation
6061-T6 Al,Mg,Si 95 310 275 12%
6082-T6 Al,Mg,Si 95 310 280 10%


Service Process

Providing Information

Images, Samples

Communication of Requirements

3D Scanning

100% Surface Comparison of Samples

Design Specifications

Functional Performance, Mechanical Strength, Hardness, Toughness, Material

Product 2D/3D Design

Final Product Drawings, Part Drawings, Mold and Inspection Tool Drawings

Mold, Jig and Inspection tools Fabrication


310 pieces to Verify Product Performance Meets Requirements

Trial Production

50-100 pieces, Establishing Special Quality Control Points


Production Part Approval Process) Documentation Preparation (ERP Data Setup

Mass Production

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