Bushing is a key part of the control arm. From design bushing mold development, manufacturing and quality control all by TGQ. According to various car model setting with different control orientations whether it is for the comfort of the occupant, focus on the maneuverability of driving and cornering or the both all we can develop for each requirement.

Through rubber strength destruction test, X, Y, Z triaxial compression elasticity test, dynamic test of simulating driving conditions, multiple appropriate flexibility and precise vibration proof rubber bushings as well as hydraulic system design have been developed.

TGQ’s dust-proof cover have anti-dust, anti-fouling, waterproof with one hundred percent protection. More than one million times of ultra-durable life test under extreme weather environment of high temperature of 70 ˚C and low temperature of minus 40 ˚C.

TGQ’s Declaration of Commitment

  • Quality Assurance: 2-year / 50,000 km warranty.
  • New Product Development: to develop a control arm within two years after the best-selling cars are available for purchase.
  • Date of Delivery:within 60 days.

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