TGQ adheres to the concept of taking what is taken from the society and using it for the society, starting from taking care of employees!

Just like the company’s vision “employees are happy” is always be the first! In addition to providing a comfortable working environment, we have established sports clubs – badminton club and mountaineering club. In order to motivate employees to exercise, we rent badminton courts for employees to use every week, and encourage family members to participate together, so that everyone can enhance their relationship while sweating.
In addition, mountaineering activities are held every month, and employees are also encouraged to invite their family members to participate together, enjoy the beauty of nature together! We hope that employees of TGQ can have good habits of exercise and maintain the health of mind and body during their spare time! Obtaining the TAIWAN I Sport Certification Mark from the Sports Administration of the Ministry of Education this time is a great affirmation of TGQ commitment to promoting sports activities. In the future, TGQ will continue to encourage more colleagues to join sports clubs, and set up related sports programs (such as participating in road races), hoping that every employee of TGQ will like and enjoy sports.